Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Mark and I had a wonderful Easter!! We were able to go to the Easter pageant with some of our friends - which has kind of become a new tradition for us! Then!! I had such a wonderful surprise on Easter morning - let me preface this by saying that I always "fill" our baskets the night before - because Mark isn't really that "type" - but anyways....I went to bed before Mark because he was still preparing his talk for Sunday morning, so I woke up really early and ran out to the living room very quietly to start putting the candy in the eggs. I grabbed the first bag of candy and it was open. I thought to myself, "what a punk - he sat up all night eating our Easter goodies while he prepared his talk!" Well then I saw that all of them were open - and my basket was full!

I was so excited - Mark had actually took the time and filled my basket!!! Well, long story short, we opened out baskets after church and in each one of my eggs there was a little slip inside that said one of the reasons why he loved me!

I can't tell you how SHOCKED I was!! It was one of the nicest things ever! I loved it!!!


We have gotten a lot more done around the house - our painter is getting ready for the big project! I am so excited to have that completed!!! I also bought a really neat metal star for our front entry! My new favorite store is Kirkland's - right on Santan Village - it has GREAT deals on home decor if any of you need something!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

My Daughter

Here she is - baby Starr. I finally got our printer set up so I was able to scan these in!

100 Calorie Pack - Favorite

I had to post about these. I am sitting here at my desk, basking in the enjoyment of eating these three delectable blueberry streusel muffins! I place one on my tongue and it takes me back to when I was 7 and my grandma would bake....

No, that was a joke, but imagine them taking you back to a childhood memory, okay! :) I haven't tried the banana or the cinnamon coffee cakes, but I really think you should try the blueberry ones! I think they are $2.50 for 6 packs of 3!

Weight Watcher points: 2
Calories: 100
Loving every bite: Priceless

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Beautiful Emma!

This is my beautiful niece, Emma. She will be two this April - isn't she beautiful?? I had a pretty hard day on Wednesday, so I emailed my sister, Kira, and asked her to send me pictures of Em. They were exactly what I needed. These were my two favorites!

It is weird to think that two people can create such beautiful spirits - it is even more weird to think that I will have one of these soon!!

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