Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Sunday we had a great Father's Day!! Mark truly is a wonderful Dad, and it was a lot of fun celebrating with him!! (This was us after dinner!) Sasha was in a crazy mood, and since she wasn't really in the mood for pictures earlier (See pictures in dress with no smile...) I thought I'd grab the camera!

She sure loves her da-da!

We made Mark a tie with pictures of Sasha on it! It turned out great! Sasha really didn't want to smile too much after church though, she was tired...having 12:00 church is a rough time for her!

This was before church, more smiles, crappy lighting! :)

Okay, here is the fun part! We went camping for Father's day. It was a short trip, since we went up late Friday and came home Saturday, but it was Sasha's first time, and my first time...kind of. If you count girls camp, then it wasn't my first time...but Mark says girls camp really isn't camping...

It rained the entire night, which (I think) helped keep Sasha asleep the whole night! She slept like a log! I, on the other hand, kept waking up, wondering if Sasha was warm enough, etc., but it all turned out fine!

As soon as Sasha woke up, she was eager to get out of the pack-n-play and hop into our sleeping bags!

(This is the sight I woke up to!) I turned over and she was just smiling at us!! It was adorable!

He always sleeps really well when he is camping too - was I the only one waking up all night?!

My little love bug cuddling with me in my super warm bag!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FREE nursing covers - HURRY

I just wanted to pass on a little bit of Free-Ness to my fellow mothers. If you aren't currently nursing - these make GREAT baby shower gifts!!

www.uddercovers.com is doing a brand new promotion where you can get one nursing cover (regularly $32.00) for free! You just pay the shipping ($8.45)!!

Once you get on the site, click on "Shop Now" and it will ask you for the promotional code. Type in "babies" and it will take you to what you are eligible to purchase. They do have some gift sets for a few dollars more, or the nursing covers of course!

Hope it helps someone out there save a little bit of money! Hurry though...they are going quickly.

Friday, June 05, 2009

My New Brother

June 2nd was such a special day for us!! Joey, our foster brother was sealed to us in the Idaho Falls Temple! **And do you know what made the day even more special? Joey was sealed to us in the same sealing room Mark and I were married in!!!) He looked so handsome in his little suit and was so excited to go to the temple. My parents decided to change his name to Koree (since all six of us have "K" names - but kept Joseph since that is what every one knows him by.
Kaitlin was adamant about sitting with Sasha and Korban - so she refused to be in the picture - but she was there, and she did so well in the temple, I was so proud of her. Mark was the only one who couldn't be there, which was really sad, but my brother Korth (the handsome lad next to me) said he would be my stand in husband! He even opened the doors for me and everything, it was hilarious!

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