Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Tooth,

Dear Mr. Tooth,
It's Tuesday, and I am a little uneasy about the way you are handling your relationship with my daughter. It has been two whole days of you nagging her, annoying her, and hurting her. Your twin made his entrance weeks ago, being the best little front tooth any baby could ask for, so why can't you just come and join the party? You'd be able to experience delicious food, fingers, toes, yummy juice, and best of all - my camera...but instead you are sitting there in her gums, 2.4 mm away from becoming an important part of her childhood. Thanks alot....

The Mom :)

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Monday, April 20, 2009

This weekend

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Kourtney!!! The big 21!!! :) This weekend Sasha and I went to a friends birthday party. It was funny to see Sasha react to the grass (crawling on it), and she is just starting to get very timid around strangers - which is so the opposite of what she has done her whole life!

Yeah for beautiful girls on beautiful GREEN grass! :)

And I don't think Sasha could handle herself if it wasn't for "Mums". She eats those things like they are candy. Thanks Grammy for introducing her to them! She LOVES them! :)

A little shout out to Mark - (if you read this! :) I hope your final goes well today!! I love you and know you'll do great!!! I am excited for summer break - I might get to see you every once in a while! :)

So - this is random - so feel free to skip the rest of this post - but do you know who you are?

You could be thinking:
"Of course I do...I am a wife and a mother."
"I am a sister"
"I am the ruler of the world."
"I am a gym-o-phobic"
"I love to read"

But I mean....REALLY know who you are?

I am on this new road to discovering who I am. I am 25 years old, and have always thought I knew who I was, my purpose, my likes, my dislikes - but over the past few months as I have been learning to be more authentic with myself and others, I have realized that some of the things I disliked was only because I feared it....and some of the things I thought I liked - I only liked because others liked it. Have you ever felt that way?

I am going to be posting about this a little more as I find things that are interesting enough to blog about - but come join me! Have you taken a step back from motherhood, or being a wonderful wife, mother, sister, father, friend, etc - to see who you really are? Leave me posts and let me know how you find yourself - and we can all get to know each other better.

I am also going to be doing a giveaway...watch for details soon!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Crawling

She did it! She crawled yesterday for the first time - she has made some awesome tries, but she was determined to get my cell phone yesterday and actually crawled to it!! It was awesome. I was telling one of my friends today that as I was jumping up and down cheering her on (and looking crazy) I was thinking, "Does it get any better than this?" There have been multiple times this week where the joy of having her in my home has brought me to tears. Almost like I can't express to her how much she means to me - is that normal?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, I know we sure did!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny

Mark and I helped out at a community fund raiser in Mesa last weekend and while I was at our booth, Mark took Sasha over to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Here are a few of the shots!

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Mesa Temple Easter Pageant

Last night we had the opportunity to go to the Easter Pageant with some of our friends. It has become a little family tradition since we've lived in Arizona, and we sure love it. I wasn't sure how Sasha was going to do with it since it started right at her bedtime, but as soon as it started she was clapping, bouncing and smiling the rest of the time. She fell asleep about 30 minutes before it ended, but she saw a good majority of it!! This picture we took right before we left. She was laughing at herself, so I took a picture!

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