Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last month.....

We swam, we visited, big bows, and bracelets! (Well, watchbands)Music,
and pouts, undies, and puffies!Made wet-one case,
bad hair day, picked dots off of dice,
ate a whole piece of pizza!!

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2 weeks in Idaho, and 2 weeks in Arizona - it's been a busy month! Sasha had her 12 month check up. 30 inches, and 22 lbs! :) Sasha and I are going to our ward campout tomorrow (Mark has to work - :( But I am excited that we get to go!
Hope everyone is enjoying their August - crazy that it's almost over, huh?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sasha's Birthday Party

I know I am really late on posting these, but here are some of the pictures! There were so many pictures, so I just picked a few. We had such a good time with your friends and family that came. Sasha enjoyed the swimming the best - She wasn't really excited to get out - but once she saw the cake, she was fine!

We are in Idaho right now, and let me tell you - we are loving the weather!!! It's been a great little trip!! I'll post again soon!