Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Here is a small update: Our anniversary was August 20th! (Happy Anniversary again, Marky!) We went out to eat and took Sasha along with us! She was being so crazy. Mark took this picture and then just started laughing. He said, "You have to see what she is doing with her eye!" So he took a second one, and she did the exact same thing!! I think she was trying to stare at the camera and the red-eye light at the same time! I just had to share that!
This picture was taken just before Sasha started getting sick. Perfect fair skin turned to this...overnight!
Sasha just had 5 vaccinations done, and 10 days later had a pretty bad allergic reaction to one of them. (On top of 2 ear infections!!!) We still don't know which one it is, but she seems to be doing a little bit better. Today she was still very itchy and spotty, but less fussy.

We got the BEST rain storm this weekend too!! We opened the windows and let Sasha put her hand in it! She liked it, and we all enjoyed the "cool spell" it brought along with it!

Our wonderful friends S & B came down from Vegas to spend the long weekend with us!! Shannon and I literally scrapbooked all weekend. It was great. I got 19 pages done, which for anyone who knows how incredibly SLOW I scrapbook, this was a great accomplishment! Shannon got a bunch done also! It was great. Brian and Mark spent several hours at Cabela's on Saturday.....Mark LOVES that place! I think they had a good time also! Thanks for coming Shannon! We had a blast!


Maria said...

19 pages? Wow! I am impressed! I am totally going to start that up again soon. I am just getting that scrapbooking itch. I hope Sasha stops itching soon though! Poor kid!

Lisa said...

Your poor baby girl!! That is awful! By the way - most of your pictures are coming in as x'd out when I try to view them - including the last post. Am I doing something wrong?

Jared and Marilou said...

Poor Sasha!

Heather said...

What fun going out for your anniversary...but I'm so sorry Sasha got soooo sick, I'm itching just looking at her! Glad she's doing better! :)

Kourtney and Benjamin said...

aww-poor Sasha :( That makes me so sad! I think 19 pages is a lot even by kiras mad skills at scrapbooking! lol-